Because of their relative lack of protection from injuries, motorcyclists are among the most vulnerable groups of road users and often suffer the most devastating injuries.  At Gage & Mathers, we have represented the legal rights of motorcyclists for decades.  If you, or someone you love, has suffered life-changing injuries when knocked off a bike, call Gage & Mathers now. An experienced lawyer is standing by to help begin protecting your legal rights.   

The way people drive in Arizona, it may not seem apparent, but drivers of automobiles and trucks have an obligation to share streets and highways with motorcycle riders.  The most common causes of motorcycle accidents caused by car and truck drivers are:

  • Failure to see the motorcyclist
  • Inattention and distraction (including the use of cell phones and other electronic devices)
  • Unsafe lane changes
  • Unsafe passing
  • Failure to yield at intersections
  • Driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Reckless driving

And remember our promise:

Your case, no matter how big or how small, will be managed by a lawyer—not a paralegal, secretary, or receptionist. You will be represented from start to finish by a lawyer who has been certified by the State of Arizona as a specialist in injury and wrongful death cases. Call Gage & Mathers now at (602) 258-0646, or click here to e-mail an attorney, and request a phone call back.

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