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Gage & Mathers is a small law firm with a big reputation because we get results for seriously injured negligence victims - and have for over 50 years.


As Arizona's Injury Lawyers™, we will get fair compensation for the victims of negligence with life-changing injuries, whether through settlement or trial.


We want to maximize your recovery and make your experience be the best it can be, even under difficult circumstances. We want to exceed your expectations so we become your law firm forever.


Your case, no matter how big or how small, will be managed by a lawyer—not a paralegal, secretary, or receptionist.

You will be represented from start to finish by a lawyer who has been certified by the State of Arizona as a specialist in injury and wrongful death cases. You deserve the best. Do not settle for less. Call Arizona's Injury Lawyers™.

2525 E Arizona Biltmore Circle, Suite A-114
Phoenix, Arizona 85016
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Phone: (602) 258-0646
Emergency Phone: (602) 300-4003
Fax: (602) 258-8287

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