Although illegal and potentially deadly, drunk driving is a big problem throughout Arizona, everywhere from Phoenix to smaller communities throughout the state.  If you, or someone you love, has been injured by the reckless actions of a drunk behind the wheel, call Gage & Mathers now so can begin protecting your legal rights.

We have represented the victims of drunk drivers for decades in Arizona, with all kinds of injuries, both physical and mental, from muscle injuries, to brain injuries, to death.  These cases definitely require an experienced lawyer so the evidence can be gathered properly and the drunk drivers eventually feel the full force and effect of the law, criminally and civilly.  Help bring these drunk drivers to justice, call Gage & Mathers now.  An experienced lawyer is standing by, ready to help - call now.

And remember our promise:

Your case, no matter how big or how small, will be managed by a lawyer—not a paralegal, secretary, or receptionist. You will be represented from start to finish by a lawyer who has been certified by the State of Arizona as a specialist in injury and wrongful death cases. Call Gage & Mathers now at (602) 258-0646, or click here to e-mail an attorney, and request a phone call back.

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